Amer fort Elephant Ride

Jaipur is popularly famous as the name of the pink city as it is the stately capital of India’s leading state, Rajasthan. Jaipur inhales sovereigns and prosperity.

With its massive forts, enthralling palaces and gigantic lifestyle, this city well hark back us of the regal epoch. If these hovering attractions do not tend to captivate you, then you might always experience the splendour of it by going on an elephant ride in Jaipur.

It would unquestionably be a wonderful experience for you to evoke for years. Each year tons of tourists gather towards the Amber Fort only for this royal ride.

The exquisiteness of these animals highlighted in magnificent colours would without a doubt ensorceled you. These action-packed animals also feature a perfect combination of tinted colours which reveal wonderfully. This delightful ride takes you to the access of the Amber Fort, up the sheer hill. It is absolutely a ride worth to do.

Elephant Ride at Amber Fort

The elephant move up the sheer mount starts from the car parking enough and ends at the yard of the Amber Fort.

The overall period of the journey is approximate to be around 20 to 30 minutes.

The tour period differs from elephant to elephant and also on the traffic. This captivating site would mesmerize your senses and would, of course, provide you with a flavour of royalty to experience.

These elephants take almost 900 – 1000 visitors every day, and there are around 80 – 90 elephants in the service.

The Rajasthan government performs day-to-day checks to make sure the safety and the interests of these animals.

Why the Elephant Ride in Jaipur?

The elephant safari begins from the foundation of the hill and takes you on a cheerful ride up the hill on the way to Amber Fort.

Why people above all choose to take this elephant ride in Jaipur is because it offers you a lot of time to stand see to the spectacular and the great architecture and prosperity of the majestic Amber fort.

Best Time To Visit Amber Fort for Elephant Ride in Jaipur

The best time to visit the fort is early at 9:00 AM to avoid the queue for taking an elephant ride.

It is tricky to take an excursion throughout the tourist period because by then all the elephants are fatigued wrangling travellers back and forth.

Ticket Price for Elephant Ride at Amber Fort

The charge for this ride does not differ from daily and continue constantly for both adult and child.

The charge for an elephant ride for an Indian national is INR 650 per person.

The trip begins at 8:30 AM every day and closes by noon.